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Newly Released NBA 2K24 Became the Second Worst Game on Steam

Steam platformunda son zamanlarda Blizzard'ın Overwatch 2 ve 2K Sports'un NBA 2K24 oyunları, olumsuz incelemelerle karşı karşıya kaldı.

Newly Released NBA 2K24 Became the Second Worst Game on Steam

Newly Released NBA 2K24 Became the Second Worst Game on Steam

Recently on the Steam platform, Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 and 2K Sports’ NBA 2K24 games faced negative reviews and were rated as the worst games by users. As of September 12, 165,573 of Overwatch 2’s 183,780 total reviews on Steam were negative, while 3,135 of 3,523 reviews for NBA 2K24 were negative. NBA 2K24 has quickly become negatively reviewed since it was only released on September 8th.

There are complex reasons why Overwatch 2 is considered the worst game on Steam. For many years, this first-person shooter game was available on Blizzard’s online store, Battle.net, due to its policy of allowing players to leave feedback.

Players Disliked NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24
NBA 2K24

When Overwatch arrived on Steam in August, players finally voiced their disapproval against Blizzard. Despite the criticism, Overwatch 2 is still played by a certain number of players, being among Steam ‘s 50 most played games. Some fans say they still enjoy the game despite being criticized so much.

Basketball simulation NBA 2K24 has faced negative reviews. Players state that the game is bad not only with micro transactions but also visually. NBA 2K24 seems to have been a disappointment in less than a week, as it seems that it fails to deliver the expected quality when compared to previous versions of the game.

Gamers described 2020’s NBA 2K21 as a game that “felt like a full-priced game even though it was a mobile free-to-play game,” while calling 2021’s NBA 2K22 release a “massive downgrade.” NBA 2K23, released in 2022, was subject to similar criticism.

The in-game purchase and virtual currency VC (Virtual Currency) system is another element that is subject to criticism of the NBA 2K series. Players state that in-game purchases and advertisements negatively affect the gaming experience and that players are constantly encouraged to spend money.

Steam reviews of NBA 2K24 show that these criticisms are still ongoing and show that it does not meet players’ expectations. However, there is hope that NBA 2K25 can reverse this trend.

These developments have created a great debate among Steam users and we will continue to follow the developments in the gaming world closely.


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